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Sunny Leone Filmography

The Virginity Hit (2010)

Busty Cops 2 (2006) (V)

Busty Cops (2004) (V)

Alabama Jones and the Busty Crusade (2005) (V)

Deadly Stingers (2003)

Debbie Does Dallas... Again (2007) (V)

Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone (2006) (V)

The Female Gardener (2006) (V)

Sunny Loves Matt (2007) (V)

Penthouse: Pets in Paradise (2001) (V)

Sunny's Slumber Party (2009) (V)

Sunny (2005) (V)

Sunny's Big Adventure (2009) (V)

Gia: Portrait of a Porn Star (2010) (V)

Not Charlie's Angels XXX (2010) (V)

Undress Me (2009) (V)

The Other Side of Sunny (2008) (V)

Mystique Presents H2Ohh (2004) (V)

Sunny & Cher (2006) (V)

The Sunny Experiment (2007) (V)

It's Sunny in Brazil (2007) (V)

Deviance (2009) (V)

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Sunny Leone And Her Personal Life

Sunny Leone also was a reporter for MTV and she appeared for the first time like that in 2005 at the MTV Awards on MTV India. Sunny also had a small appearance in the famous movie "The girl next door". She was invited at many TV shows and she was there like a guest. It was a very interesting experience for her she enjoyed a lot that period of time from her life. Because she had and still has a beautiful and healthy body she was selected to appear in some fitness commercials and she accepted. 

She was invited by many important people at many important shows and events and she was very happy because of that because she wanted to be someone not just because of her career like porn actress. 

In her personal life, even if she confessed that she is bisexual she confessed that she prefers men. She enjoys making sex with girls but she said that she loves more with a man. She is a normal person because I her free time she enjoy abstract paintings, horse riding, reading, playing World of Warcraft, watching The Simpsons and The Discovery Channel. Also, Sunny confessed that in one day she wants to be a married woman and to make children and to have a normal and happy family. 

She was engaged with Matt Erikson but they split up after a long relationship and now she is alone and lives with her cat in Hollywood, California. Her parents never agreed what she was doing but they hoped one day she will renounce at her career and will be a normal person. 

She is a beautiful woman and she deserves a normal life with husband and children and not a career like porn actress. It is not too late and she can stop here her career and start a new life, but this thing depends only of her.  

When she was at college Sunny Leone had a colleague who was an exotic dancer and Sunny always was curious about that job. Her colleague introduced her to a man named John Stevens who was an agent and that man went with Sunny at Jay Allen a professional photographer from the "Penthouse" magazine. 

There she was invited to shout for that magazine and she accepted. Sunny shouted for the magazine and in a very short time she appeared in Penthouse. After that she made some pictures for Hustler magazine and in a very short time she appeared in all the magazines for men. 

She appeared in many magazines and she became very famous. Many movie producers from the porn industry wanted her to lay in porn movies. Sunny accepted and in a very short time she appeared in many porn movies like actress. She signed contracts with many producers and she became very famous like porn actress. 
She made a great and big career like porn actress and she appears in her videos and movies only with women. Sunny also made a personal web site and there she has a lot of videos and movies with her and her girls and if you want to see the movies you must pay. 

Indo-Canadian porn star on Bigg Boss

In an interview, Sunny said, she loves abstract paintings, horse riding, reading, playing ‘World of Witchcraft’ and watching ‘The Simpsons’ and Discovery Channel. Sunny has also talked about playing for a women’s soccer league in California, that her favourite holiday destination is Hawaii, and that her favourite cuisine is Italian.
Sunny has a porn filmography of 39 feature films, some of which include ‘It’s Sunny in Brazil’, ‘Sunny’s Slumber Party’ and ‘Dark Side of the Sun’
Apart from her career in adult films, Sunny is also sensitive to social causes. On her blog, she mentions that she will participate in the American Cancer Society Run and that she is doing this in memory of her father, who passed away from cancer last year. Talking about her father in her blog, she says, “He struggled so hard to just breathe when he was in the hospital. The least I can do is raise some money to help someone else. My father joined my mother last year (in heaven) and I believe he is happy and is not in pain anymore. We can’t help him anymore but maybe there is someone else who can get the right treatment with our help. This money goes to patients in need which is why I have chosen the American Cancer Society.”

Porn Star Sunny Leone lost her virginity to a basketball player at school at age 16

Adult movie star Sunny Leone, the newest and perhaps, um, ‘sexiest’ entrant to the ” Bigg Boss” house, says that ‘porn star’ doesn’t automatically mean ‘prostitute’. The curvy babe, originally Karen Malhotra, born to Indian parents, took the US adult entertainment industry by storm, but never planned to become a porn star. But the money was just too good, she says.
My parents, who are originally from Punjab, were completely shocked when they found out I was in the adult entertainment industry. Their reaction was what I expected, and I was prepared for it. When my father realized what I did, he said, ‘You didn’t even ask us before you did this! But whatever you do, make sure you do it well.’ My mother was also stunned when she found about my lesbian lovemaking videos, but she accepted it. And the fact that my work didn’t change me as a person worked in my favour. My parents soon realized it and respected me for who I am and my decisions. So there was never any question of being disowned by my family,” she says. Have her parents seen any of her hardcore adult videos? “Of course not! Whose parents would do that?” she asks.
Sunny says it’s ignorance that makes people equate adult stars with prostitutes. “I think India doesn’t have an adult entertainment industry – that’s why people have no idea what it is. I ran a company that took care of the deals I sealed with firms to sell and share my content online and to other media. Running a company was hard work. I’d work for about 60-70 hours a week. It wasn’t a party. I have only one partner. So that way, I’m very restrained in the real world,” she says.
Isn’t it true that she lost her virginity when she was 16? “Yes. The guy played basketball in high school. He was as old as me. We just liked each other. Losing my virginity at 16 was just about making a choice that I wanted to make at that age. Since my parents have lived away from India for many years, their thought process is different. They’ve always let me take my own decisions. I don’t regret anything that I’ve done so far. I have no regrets about who I am. I have a nice life, great family, great friends and make a good living,” she says.
Sunny says participating in “Bigg Boss” will make people realize she isn’t the cliched ‘adult star’. “I grew up in a regular Indian household; I’ve been taught to be a good person. I want Indian people to know that. And I’ve always been interested in Bollywood, so with this show, I might get good roles in Hindi films,” she says.
Now that she’s in India, will she also visit relatives in Delhi? “I last came to Delhi this year in February. I’d like to come back soon. But I wasn’t born here, like it says online – I was born in Canada,” she says.

Sunny Leone From Punjabi kudi to international porn star

Penthouse Pet of the Year 2003 and now a Vivid Girl, the California-based buxom brunette is busy planning a big fat Punjabi wedding as well as an American one in March next year.
Sunny Leone - the adopted name of the Sikh girl - is, in fact, grateful to the adult entertainment industry for introducing her to her fiancé, Matt Erickson, a senior executive with a major adult company.
`We met at an adult webmaster convention and have been dating for four years now,` Sunny, 26, told IANS in on e-mail.
Matt is the only male with whom she has enacted the sex act for a film that is to be released next year. So far, the admitted bisexual has done only girl-on-girl films.
Vivid`s first interactive DVD, Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone, featuring her, has won an industry award this year. She was also offered a role in a Bollywood movie, which has fizzled out.

Sunny runs her own website like a businesswoman. The site, she says, on some days gets more hits than the leading porn star Jenna Jameson`s. She calls the adult industry `a business just like any other` and feels no qualms about using her My Space page - which proclaims she has 32,489 friends - to attract traffic to her website.
Giving an insider`s view of the industry, Sunny says it is worth billions of dollars and has been responsible for many of internet`s advances and innovations. The industry is also on top of latest technology like VOD (video-on-demand), HD (high definition) and high density Blu-ray DVDs.
The freely available adult content on internet, she says, has affected the sales of adult magazines and movie theatres, but they are still popular. She also believes that porn`s purveyors include women.

This sultry porn star by the name of Sunny Leone got to be one of the most colorful characters in the adult industry. Her ethnicity itself is already a novelty as she is a Punjabi girl and the Punjabi is well known to be very strict. She was enrolled into Catholic school even though their family beliefs are Sikhism. She was very active when young and playing ice hockey with boys are her favorite past time.
She had her first kiss at the age of 11 and lost her virginity at the age of 16 to a basketball player from a different high school. Went she was in college studying to be a nurse, she was introduced to a photographer from Penthouse Magazines. She chose the stage name of Sunny Leone when she started posing nude for the magazine. She was Pet of the Month for March 2001.She was also Pet of the Year in 2003
In 2005, she decided to try her hand on hardcore pornography but will be doing only scenes with girls. By the year 2007, she announced that she will be doing her first boy girl scene and the news delighted many of her adoring fans. However she will be doing the scenes exclusively with her then fiancé Matt Erickson. In January 2008, Sunny Leone revealed that she is no longer exclusive only to Matt.
Being Asian, she is also a savvy business woman when she launched her own production studios under the label Sunlust Pictures. Because of her popularity, offers to do mainstream work have been pouring. She was offered once to do a Bollywood flick but her asking price could not be met by the producers. She recently starred in a Hollywood movie that soon to be release name The Middle Man. She also revealed that she will be acting alongside Will Ferrell in an up coming movie. We foresee a very Sunny Future is ahead of this Punjabi girl.

Sunny Leone on life as a desi adult star

Sunny Leone didn't grow up dreaming of being a porn star. It was the allure of financial independence and the surging popularity of South Asian culture in North America that drew the Punjabi princess to adult entertainment. And despite her conservative heritage, Leone, a former Penthouse Pet of the Year, has her family's support - and no qualms about her career.

"My parents encouraged me to be an extremely independent woman," says Leone, 26.  "Throughout my childhood they always told me to never depend on anybody and to make sure that I was secure and didn't have to count on anyone but myself."

Leone's path to fame has been filled with adventure. She was raised in Sarnia, and says she was a typical Indian kid.

"My parents kept us really busy with sports and other activities, so growing up in Canada was a lot of fun," she said. 

This carefree upbringing changed, however, at age 13, when her family moved to Michigan.

She moved again a year later. Her father, under pressure from her grandmother, who lived in California, moved the family to Orange County. 

It was different there, to say the least. Leone's shyness didn't mesh well with Southern California. "People were less friendly and more stuck up," she says.

That was a far cry from what she had been accustomed to. "In Canada, it's not hard to make lifelong friends on the first day of school. People ask you to have lunch with them."  

Not so in California, says Leone, who was shocked that, to some, materialism mattered more than friendship. That took getting used to.

It is from this period that Leone draws her ambition and drive. She wanted to be something. She wanted to own her own business. And she wanted to do it through modelling. 

But several obstacles stood between her and a career in mainstream modelling. "Just being desi doesn't help your cause," she says with a sigh. "The lifestyle of a model for Indians doesn't fit what (your) family wants. They want you to be a doctor or do something else that's more stable." 

Culture wasn't the only barrier. Although agents appreciated Leone's exotic looks, "I was too short," she says. "I'm five feet four inches and they typically want mainstream models to be taller."

While studying nursing in her early 20s, Leone befriended a classmate who admired her stunning good looks and suggested she try a different kind of modelling.

"She was an exotic dancer and she totally changed my view of people in the adult profession," Leone says. 

That friend encouraged Leone to call an agent who specialized in lingerie and Playboy-style photo shoots. She did, and the next day, portfolio in hand, Leone went to visit him.

"He played his cards right," she says. Adult agents usually want to take nude pictures of aspiring models. "But he didn't want any of that. Instead, he wanted me to audition for a B movie the next day. He totally respected me. If he had asked me for the norm, I would have flipped him the bird and walked out of there and that would have been that!"

The director of that movie offered Leone a job, but what really appealed to her was the money she would make: $20,000 to $25,000 (U.S.) for seven days of work. That was what she had been making in a year. She remembered her parents' advice, and made her decision: working in the adult print and film industry just made good business sense.

And what about her family? She didn't tell them right away. 

"I felt that they did not need to know until the appropriate time," Leone says. "I was also still feeling out what I was doing."

Since then, Leone says she and her family have found a middle ground that works for them: they respect her, and, well, she doesn't tell them everything. 

"They don't know all of the details," she says. "They definitely understand a lot, but we try not to talk about it. They are generally very supportive of me."

Leone's career is on the rise, her wallet fat and career as stable as any family could want.

Many of her fans are Indian men and womenwho are supportive of her choices, which surprised Leone. "The young Indian community between the ages of 18 and 35 thinks that what I do is great," she says. 

But even the most charmed careers have challenges. Some members of the South Asian communities don't hesitate to express their disapproval. But when they do, Leone knows what to say. 

"I feel like I have to justify my choice. Whenever I do get a (judgmental) email, I tell people that I'm happy and that they have no right to judge me."

Leone is certainly well received outside the South Asian communities, and in 2003, her life changed forever. With the release of movies like Bend it Like Beckham and mainstream chart-topping bhangra hits, like Panjabi MC's "Beware of the Boys," South Asian culture was everywhere. People were flocking to Bollywood dance classes  and embracing restaurants that offered Indian cuisine.

Famed adult magazine publisher Bob Guccione took notice. He wanted to feature a young, fresh model in Penthouse magazine. Leone fit the bill, and Guccione chose her to be Penthouse's 2003 Pet of the Year. She is still the only woman of South Asian descent who has held the title.

The position came with a $100,000 (U.S.) contract; Leone knew she would never have to depend on another person again. The magazine sent her around the world for photo shoots, guest appearances, commercials and radio spots, and her popularity shot through the roof. 

Penthouse's goal, she says, "is to co-brand you with the company. My name just got more popular and I started a website. It was sort of ripple effect."

Leone's modelling career gave way to a film career - it seemed to be a natural progression - and girl-on-girl films appealed to the bisexual entertainer most. 

So she approached Steven Hirsch, co-founder of Vivid Entertainment, one of the industry's top adult film companies. 

"I said, 'This is who I am. I have a huge following. I've done all the hard work for you. I'm Indian and I'll be the first in doing any of this,' " says Leone. 

Hirsch's marketing and business savvy kicked in. "Sunny has everything we look for in a Vivid girl. She is beautiful, sexual, talented and marketable," he tells Desi Life.

Hirsch signed Leone up for an interactive DVD, which lets viewers select the erotic acts they'd like to see. And his instincts paid off: she is one of Vivid's all-time top sellers.

Leone has received industry praise as well. This year, she won an Adult Video News Award for best interactive DVD (her brother accompanied her to the awards ceremony), renewed her contract with Vivid and will, for the first time, appear in male-female adult films,  with her fiancŽ, the vice-president of marketing for a major adult entertainment magazine.

Leone's success even brought Bollywood to her door. She was recently hired to appear in an Indian film, but, whether or not she will appear in the movie remains to be seen. 

A week before filming was to start in June, the producers still hadn't sent her an itinerary or ticket. Since then, the producers say various problems, such as monsoon-damaged sets, have delayed filming. "I do not have any hope for this situation," Leone says.

"This would not happen in the adult film industry."

That industry has been good to her, and the people who work in it are very professional, she says. "They respect you. They know why you're there. They pay you. Then you're on your way," she says matter-of-factly.

Leone is the consummate businessperson. Despite an untraditional career, her attitude toward business is anything but. She has employees, but admits to being a micromanager and perfectionist, especially with her websites. She sounds like a veteran marketing executive when she talks about those sites, discussing her target market, hits and branding, only in this case, she's branding herself. 

The results of Leone's business acumen and attention to detail are clear: her main website receives nearly 10,000 hits per day. Some months, she says, it gets more hits than the site of fellow adult entertainer Jenna Jameson's.

At the end of the day, Leone just wants people to know she is real. "Work is work," she says, and her goal now is to create a brand in both the adult and mainstream print and film industries. She has created a business. She loves her job and will continue to act after she's married, at least for a while. She craves gobi, but won't eat it while she's preparing for a film. ("I have to watch my weight!" she says.) 

And she's busy planning her wedding, next March. Like any bride-to-be, she's in a frenzy making arrangements and getting nervous about all the details. At the traditional Punjabi wedding will be her family, of course, and lots of dancing to bhangra tunes. She can finally eat all the gobi she craves without fretting about extra pounds. And like any bride-to-be, she can't wait.  

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Sunny’s Fans Save Her From Elimination!!

Sunny was up for elimination this week but her fans all came together and saved her so she can stay in the Bigg Boss house!
Sky was also saved, so unfortunately that meant Shardha got evicted.
During today’s episode Sanjay Butta asked Sunny to repeat some words and answer some questions in hindi and Sunny’s response was so cute as she struggled with a few parts. She had the housemates busting out laughing with her delivery.
The housemates were all confident that Sunny would not be evicted as she has a great heart and as Mahes Bhatt came inside the house to offer Sunny a lead role in his upcoming Bollywood flick and they were right.
Thanks again to all the Sunny Leone fans that helped save her from elimination this week in the Bigg Boss Season 5 House!

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My Official Bio…
Sunny Leone was born in Sarnia, Ontario to parents who emigrated from India. Despite being raised Sikh, her parents enrolled her in a Catholic school, where she had her first kiss at 11, lost her virginity to a basketball player at 16 and found out she was bisexual at 14. When she was 15, her family received their green card and migrated to the United States. They first moved to Fort Gratiot, Michigan, then to Lake Forest, California before finally settling down in Orange County, CA She graduated from high school in 1999 and proceeded to enroll in college. Before working in the entertainment industry, she first worked at a German bakery, a Jiffy Lube. While studying to be a pediatric nurse in OC, a classmate who was an exotic dancer introduced Leone to John Stevens, an agent who in turn introduced her to Jay Allen, a photographer for Penthouse. She posed for Penthouse, and was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for the March 2001 issue, followed by a feature in the Holiday 2001 edition of Hustler magazine as a Hustler Honey. That same year, Leone signed a three-year contract with Vivid with which she transitioned into the world of hardcore pornography.

A thriving career as a porn star has not stopped Sunny Leone, born to Punjabi parents hailing from New Delhi, from getting married. Born in Sarnia, Ontario, in Canada, Sunny moved with her family to California as a teenager. She studied to be a nurse and tried modelling but didn`t succeed because of her height, only 5 ft 4 inches.
Her life changed when an exotic dancer friend introduced her to nude modelling. Her exotic looks brought her the Penthouse title and later a contract with Vivid Entertainment, a quality erotic film production company which has crossed over into mainstream entertainment.
Sunny`s parents, who migrated from New Delhi 28 years ago, have some idea of what she does for a living, `but not entirely`, she says. She has not been to India since she was a little girl but is planning a trip now to meet her extended family.
Sunny lives in Sacramento and in Hawaii.